Flood Insurance for Florida Homeowners

The location of Florida doesn’t do the residents of Brooksville, Webster, Zephyrhills, Tampa Bay, and Dade City any favors. In fact, it makes them more susceptible to heavy rainfall and flooding. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, the two major bodies of water, surround the state of Florida. With over 1,600 rivers, lakes, and streams crisscrossing around 67 counties, not to forget the underground streams and wetlands, the state is in constant danger of flooding.

The Devastation Floods Leave behind

The mighty storms that hit Florida leave devastating results behind. Here is a list of the damages flooding can cause to the foundation of a home or business:

  • Doors no longer close properly and windows no longer open
  • Cracks in door and window frames
  • Cracks appear in the ceiling, walls, and floor boards
  • Foundation outside of the property have moved below, above, or to one side from the height of your lawn
  • Sloping floors
  • Garage doors no longer closes all the way down to the pavement
  • Wall rotation has developed, leading to huge cracks in the wall
  • Walls have separated from between the ceilings, floor, and walls
  • Wall frames have separated and display cracks

Your Solution — Flood Insurance

Let us, Boyett Insurance Agency, help you beat the flood. We can help you customize an insurance policy based on the location of your property and its susceptibility to flooding. Our flood insurance covers permanent structures on your property such as carports, barns, sheds, and detached facilities.

If you reside in Tampa Bay, Brooksville, Zephyrhills, Webster, or Dade City, FL, your property is at risk of flooding. Contact us today at 352-521-3030 or use our Home Insurance Quote Tool to receive your free quote.

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