Boat Insurance for Zephyrhills, FL

Every Zephyrhills native knows that Florida is a boat lover’s dream. With almost 1,350 miles of coastline and a perfect subtropical climate, who could resist sailing on Florida’s beautiful waters? If you’re a boat owner in Zephyrhills, reach out to Boyett Insurance Agency to get the boat insurance you need. Any boat owner knows the risks of sailing out on the ocean. Don’t take the chance. The right boat insurance policy gives you the peace of mind to enjoy the water without a worry.

The Boyett Insurance Agency provides coverage for a variety of boats, including houseboats, jet boats, sail boats, bow riders, bass boats and much more. Because the coverage you need depends on your specific boat, we’ll sit down and find the best insurance for you. And while certain homeowner’s policies sometimes cover boats, they come with restrictions depending on boat size. The best protection for your boat comes from a separate boat insurance policy.

Boyett Insurance has been offering insurance coverage to the citizens of Florida for more than thirty years. Our insurance agents have the knowledge you need to create the best boat insurance for you. We’ll help you personalize your policy in order to meet your unique needs, as well as bundling it with other kinds of policies.

Get Boat Insurance Coverage

Here are a few things that our boat insurance covers:

  • Damage to your boat
  • New boat replacement
  • Medical payments
  • Wreck removal
  • Damage to other boats or property caused by your boat
  • Bodily injury to another person because of your boat
  • Fuel spill liability

Boat insurance includes additional kinds of coverage that are worth considering. The professionals at Boyett Insurance Agency understand that boat insurance is different from person to person. That’s why we’ll work hard to help you decide what optional coverage you might need based on the boat you own. These additional policies can include coverage for fishing equipment, personal property and personal protection from injury by an uninsured boater and a variety of towing options on and off water.

Any boat over 26 feet long is usually considered to be a yacht. The insurance coverage for yachts tends to be a little more complicated due to their size and their inclination for damage out on water. Our professionals will be available to give you any information you need about the differences between yacht and boat insurance policies.

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The team at Boyett Insurance believes in giving boat insurance that’s unique to each and every one of clients. We will devote ourselves to working with you to create the plan you need. Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Call Boyett Insurance Agency today at (352) 521-3030.